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Tue, Nov. 8th, 2011, 11:28 am
Blog Migration

I've been out of this blog loop for a while, mostly because I've got a new blog setup and haven't included a link from livejournal. Mainly for writing about some of my political and social interests, but also because it's much nicer to own my own space.




Wed, Jul. 28th, 2010, 02:28 pm
virtuous binary

Willow fail, exigent leak,
My senses dread the widows lay.
The queue of naught is nothing spent
The sense of q is nothing bent

So come to me, my virtuous ones
Come crowd around and suck it up
The wisdom where keen 'doration grows
will cast you to ecstatic throes

Bend your knees, accept your lot
Don't question, lest you mild regress for
Into the peril'd fires drawn
Forever more to be unborn

Don't jump around or enjoy your life
Don't picture life and stem the flow
Just come to me and take my word
It'll be better soon, just wait, just wait.

To flicker up, to leap into
The void the void of timeless blue
The apostolic ecstatic veil
You'll jump, you'll jump, perhaps you'll fail

But cast your lots now in with me,
I'll see you through
Though times be blue.
Just trust, just trust, I wouldn't lie,
Come over here boy and never cry.

Wed, Jul. 28th, 2010, 02:26 pm
some thoughts in poetry

Thought I'd share some thoughts that come from time to time. They don't mean much in verbal form, they come fully fledged from my subconscious, unfiltered, make what sense of them you will.

I will be posting updates in that form from now I think. Far better, far better. :)


Tue, Jan. 19th, 2010, 11:07 am
back at work

Well, I'm back at work after an awesome Woodford experience. Had an amazing time with a whole bunch of beautiful people and have come back knowing so much more about ... well everything. Personal thanks to a new, beautiful force in my life. Yes, female.

Currently basking in a glorious array of things to do and trying to fit everything in - want to experience everything right now!

Just saw Avatar, which was unbelievably rich - so much happening visually - unbelievable that they managed it!

Going to the art gallery in a bit to see Garden and Cosmos (closing soon!), going to go down to Melbourne for a little bit, relax, enjoy.

Also, just started violin lessons for some people - this will be my first formal lessons. I think I'll start by trading in kind - the thought of taking money for doing something I love seems somehow ... maybe something I'll have to work up to... :)

hugs to all.


Thu, Dec. 24th, 2009, 11:40 am
wow, welcome back...

Well, Just realised it has been over a year since I've written anything, which is a bit disturbing, not insofar as I haven't written anything, but that it has been a very very fast year.

A lot has happened in my life over the last year - Clair and I broke up, which was sad, but we consequently have a much better and possibly closer understanding of each other, which I can only attribute to a fundamental shift in the way my mind has been working of late.

Currently very happy, let's just say that. It is almost Christmas, and I will be heading up to Woodford with someone who has become very close to me in recent times. It's going to be a blast - back in the new year!

love to all of you, share it around (that's right, i'm getting my hippy on).

Sat, Aug. 23rd, 2008, 10:23 pm
more days in the life

I am sitting in a cafe just off Wilson street. It is late in the morning and most of the people have filtered out of the store already. I'm sitting at a large round table waiting for a much needed coffee and a yummy breakfast.
My stream of consciousness is certainly enabled at the moment, but the mundane thoughts that are coming out of it are not particularly inspiring, hence the use of the laptop rather than writing. For some reason it feels like whatever I write on the laptop won't come out with any sort of passion, conviction or particularly strong prose. Perhaps not, but the only good prose I've ... wait. thinking. I wrote some pretty cool stuff on the way over on the manly ferry on the old black laptop (think it was the first laptop I really identified as mine... as of now sitting in a heap at my parents place)...
At the moment I am wearing a black polar fleece skirt and have been doing a cotery of cleaning duties, mostly washing my own disgustingly large pile of clothes and attempting to fix the wine stains on the carpet. I had ordered a load of shopping from coles, which included a few very unnecessary items... vitamin tablets, lip balm, but importantly had a can of carpet stain remover. After leaving the stains for a month or more, I figured I needed all the help I could get. Some of the stains came out, but I think more fun came from the unventilated room, where I got kinda dizzy from all of the fumes... braincells, who needs them?
Not exactly sure what I am writing, but one thing that I picked up from my abortive attempt at joining the nanoMimo was Neil Gaiman's suggestion that you should always just power on through the creative block and write something anyway, even if it does suck balls.
Just thought of a really lame silly joke I thought of this morning as I was doing my chores...
I can't remember the exact joke, but it was something like : I feel like a cow, all domestic and well fed, with a dash of barbeque sauce. mmmmm. Terrible, I know, but i thought it was bad enough that someone has probably used it before.
A group of boy-ish looking lesbians with short hair are sitting across the way from me. Between my skirt and long hair and their shorts and shorter hair we are probably a suitable context for a lot of the 20th century. Not so sure about the 21st century. Maybe. I'm not so sure about this century as I was at the turn of it.
The cafe has started to fill up. I remember that most of the people are probably nursing hangovers from the Friday night happy hour partying and I'm actually up and about ridiculously early for this part of civilised Newtown.
The music in the room is indistinct and non-identifiable. Someone must have gotten rid of the people who liked decent music in this cafe, I can hear a bump, then a guitar thing, then a bump again. I actually sighed then, but felt bad about emoting it in this. Oh wait, I can hear an arpeggiated scale. Sounds like a 14 year old practising the bass. A talented 14 year old, but a 14 year old nevertheless. Nevertheless. I always read it as nerveless. Nerveless fingers gripped the cold of my soul. Nevertheless...
Today there are a plenitude of things to do, and not many of them are productive. I wanted to sit down and make use of my housemates all being away for the weekend to play a whole heap of music. I *want* to sit down and make use of my housemates all being away for the weekend to play a whole shitload of music. I *will* sit down, stand up, jump up and down and just generally enjoy myself while playing music. I want to make sure I record a whole song and publish it this weekend. I wonder who wants to join me for the fun. I could ask Ian but I can't handle too much of Ian's brilliant violin playing. I prefer it to be rougher and fit in with what I am playing - Ian is the virtuoso solo musician who can't stand to be the backup bass player. Metaphorically speaking. I'm not sure if Ian even plays bass...
I still feel peculiarly vulnerable, even in Newtown, from wearing a skirt. It's like all of me is on show for people to dissect and discuss and critisize. Perhaps they aren't, but it doesn't really matter introducing thoughts to the contrary.
I'm kinda wondering if I am even going to post this to the online blog-o-spere. Maybe. Will you critisize me too? Will you, o' will you?
I'm still not feeling like writing anything down, so I guess I'll drink my coffee which is taking ridiculously long to be brought over... yeah, its not here yet, then leave to continue with my cow-work.
So. My plan is to get out the big guitar amp downstairs and take over the tv room with guitar and maybe fiddle too. I'll message some peeps, but my hopes are not high at all. Maybe I shouldn't even bother with the messaging. I might just start playing and screw the rest of them. My goal is to get a song up online by the end of the weekend, but hopefully have most of it down by the end of today. word.

Thu, Jul. 31st, 2008, 10:41 pm
maybe i need to realise

Without the violin, I am nothing.
not nothing, but a far lesser person. I need to do more.

Mon, Dec. 24th, 2007, 03:51 pm
on holidays

I haven't put anything up on my journal for a while.
So I will.
I'm down in melbourne on the coast near Dromana.
I'm now quite convinced that the best place to actually go to a good pub is in melbourne by such a vast amount as to make me quite sad.

I am also absolutely sure that I would probably die within a year of acute alcohol poisoning and comfortable cushions.

fo shure.

I went to a pub down in Richmond (or nearabouts). It was so damn cool.
Why doesn't sydney have pubs like that?

The pub was called the Great Britain : http://www.melbournepubs.com/v/326/

world of rock. truly. i'm nowhere near that now, but certainly its a good place to go to and I will try to make it back there next time i'm in melbourne.

Fri, Jun. 22nd, 2007, 05:32 pm
hehe. funny. :)

Tue, May. 15th, 2007, 01:32 pm
to splendour we will go!

Well, I just got tickets to splendour, which is just splendiferous.

I'm actually going to be camping this time, so excitement plus plus - dirty three will be playing and the shins and hopefully none of those bastards will pull out on me...

anyone else planning on going to splendour out there?


UMMMMM... okay, so I bought my camping ticket at 1pm, ... , how does this work?
I was on the ticketing system at 9am and got booted cause they didn't like firefox, but... huh?

Anyway, they can't take em off me! I paid for em, and I'm getting them. :)


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